Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LPM Memory Verse #8

This year I have been participating in the Living Proof Ministries blog scripture memory verse challenge. Yikes- that was a mouthful :) Basically we are memorizing a scripture on the 1st and 15th of every month. I have never been very good at memorization. So, this challenge has really been something I've had to work at. Yet I'm finding myself so encouraged by these scriptures. The more I'm saying them, the more they become engraved on my heart. I have found myself in situations where all of a sudden one of my memorized scriptures pops in my head and immediately speaks to whatever I'm facing!

I have been in what I call a 'winter season' in my walk with God. To me, right now, He seems far away.
I know that He isn't. I know that He is so very close, and yet it just feels like He isn't.
I am so thankful that the true reality of God does not always coincide with the reality of what I am feeling. What I feel is not always truth. Truth is truth. Simple as that. The truth of the matter is that He will never leave me nor forsake me.

It is in this time that I want to draw near, but have allowed so many things to distract me. It has been hard for me to press in. It has been hard for me to stay focused when I do try to press in. I know that I am being called to a deeper intimacy.

I also know that He is using this time to teach me so many things. One of the things that I am learning is that He will always answer me when I cry out to Him. Even if it feels like He isn't. The God of the universe wants to answer me. He will answer me.

"In my anguish I cried to the LORD,
and He answered by setting me free."

Psalm 118:5

How amazing is that?

1. He answered.... God always answers. Not always the way I want or in the time I want but if I call to Him, He WILL answer

2..... by setting me free. God is about freedom. He is about breaking off the chains that bind us. Even the chains that we have foolishly put on ourselves.

He doesn't answer by saying:
"Man oh man you've really messed up this time Sara- good luck with that."

He doesn't answer by saying:
"I've already helped you 10 times today. You're on your own for this one."


He answered by setting you free!

This leads me to question 'what do I need freedom from'? There are still so many things...

Freedom from the lies I have chosen to believe (the biggest one being: I don't measure up)
Freedom from fear (of people, of failing)
Freedom from rejection (ya...'nuff said on that one)

As I cry out to God He will answer me and set me free.
I just need to do the crying and the letting go.
He does the rest.

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