Tuesday, October 27, 2009

H1N1 vaccine- What side of the fence are you on???

Vaccines have been on my mind and heart a lot lately. Specifically the H1N1 vaccine.

And I am sitting on the fence for that one.

Our kids have all their regular vaccines up to date, but normally we don't get the flu shot. With our son's allergy to eggs he is unable to get it, and so we generally haven't either.
Thankfully, we don't really get the flu. Our son has had it once....I got it that year too, thanks to cleaning up all his yuckiness :)

But, there is so much hype around the H1N1 flu that I have begun to question whether or not we should be getting our shots.

Everywhere you turn you can see evidence of the precautions taken as we enter into this 'H1N1' flu season. There are hand sanitizers in most office buildings. Signs and posters everywhere you look. The radio's talking about it. The news and even commercials. And just today I got this pamphlet in the mail.
It also seems to come up in most conversations lately. In fact, just this morning at a play date a couple of girlfriends and I discussed what we were planning on doing for our families.

I've heard so many things about both sides that I just don't know what to do.

Bottom line- I want to keep my kids healthy and safe. Now, I realize that unless I keep them in a bubble they will be exposed to germs anywhere and everywhere, but I am noticing that I am more and more aware of said germs and am becoming a bit of a germaphobe.

Right now, I am leaning more towards not getting the vaccine.... but if I'm completely honest, I am afraid of refusing to get the vaccine and then wishing I had.....
We have an appointment next week with our doctor for our son's check-up and I plan to talk with her about it. The problem I'm finding is that I am just not informed enough about it. I don't know what information I can trust, whether or not the information I have heard is reliable.

Ugh. I wish it wasn't so complicated.

Where are you are on the vaccine fence? Are you completely against it? Definitely getting them for you family? Or on the fence with me?


  1. Oh Sara - I agree this is not an easy decision.

    Vaccines are actually a topic I vowed I would never blog about. We are one of "those" families. I consider myself educated and very well read, but we get easily labelled and so I just keep my mouth shut.

    But there are so many more conversations now that H1N1 is out there that I have decided I will talk about vaccinations, but with careful choice of wording and timing.

    I am undecided whether I will get the adjuvant free vaccine for myself (being pregnant). I will not be getting it while there is this media frenzy. I am waiting for it to die down and see what this flu really looks like. Is it like the avian flu (where they tried to get a vaccine pushed through, but the flu died down before they could get it to market), or is this a more serious pandemic. Obviously, I don't want to wait too long to make my decision, but I feel right now there is so much confusion that people are being driven by fear without clear facts.

    At this point I am not comfortable with what is in the adjuvant form of the vaccine to give it to my daughter or for Chris.

    My $0.02

  2. We have completely changed our "tune" over the past days. At first I was absolutely against it with all the net hype & info. Then, being that I've been with so many doctors lately, I've picked many of their brains. Many people are concerned about the mercury in the flu shot - apparently, it's the same amount as in contact solution (that one threw me for a loop!) Some media state it can be treated with Thirmasol - sorry, that name I didn't get correct I fear - but that is not proving true in the cases they've tried to use it and many have died. The vaccine is prepared the same way as the annual flu one - and it is a dead virus. I finally got a chance to speak to my doctor about it & she said hands down she advises it. She is giving it to her son who is a few months younger than ours. And she's the type of doctor that doesn't hand out "candy perscriptions". Some concerns I had were over side effects. These GBS occurances actually would've happened to those people even without the vaccine & we can all catch it - it's in our communities.

    I also feel as though I'm becoming a germaphob some days - especially as we'll be having a newborn soon! It's a tough call - you don't want to hermit, but you don't want to be over exposed. I think good handwashing is important despite your decision. I also think asking the Lord for His advice is pivitol. Only He can guide your family for what's right for you all!

    I did read something interesting one person gave me perspective on: our grandparents generations watched many family & friends die from polio, chickenpox....and now we see far less of that due to vaccines....

    Another note: good sleep habits & low sugar intake will keep immune systems up.

    Bless you as you choose for your home what to do. I understand the weight of this one !

  3. Sara,
    We have the H1N1 right now. It's not any scarier than the regular flu. AND the baby and I went on Tamiflu the same day the boys were diagnosed and we both are fine. If you don't usually get a flu shot then I wouldn't worry about the swine flu.

    Stay Well,

  4. i'm opting for clean hands, no face and nose touching, purrell mania (i make everyone around my kids do it), and changing clothes after we have been somewhere where there are a lot kids or people (i just had a cousin in i.c.u. with swine flu). but i'm not getting them vaccinated.

    here is a list of what is in the swine flu vaccination-

    aluminum hydroxide
    aluminum phosphate
    ammonium sulfate
    amphotericin B
    animal tissues: pig blood
    horse blood
    rabbit brain
    dog kidney
    monkey kidney
    chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
    calf ( bovine ) serum
    fetal bovine serum
    human diploid cells ( originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
    hydrolized gelatin
    mercury ( thimerosol, Merthiolate(r) )
    monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    neomycin sulfate
    phenol red indicator
    phenoxyethanol ( antifreeze)
    potassium diphosphate
    potassium monophosphate
    polymyxin B
    polusorbate 20
    polysorbate 80
    porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
    residual MRC5 proteins
    VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey cells, and
    washed sheep red blood

  5. I don't think we're going to get the H1N1 shot, but it does linger in the back of my mind..."am I making the right choice?"

  6. We have made the decision not to get the shot. My girls are homeschooled, so they will not be exposed as much as some children. I am pretty concerned about the safety of the shot, especially considering the reports I have see that the makers of the vaccine are not even taking it themselves or giving it to their children. That's not very comforting. We have prayed about it, and for our family, we just do not feel at peace with it.

  7. New studies have shown that getting a good daily dose of vitamin D greatly reduces the chances of getting H1N1. So, get outside and bask in the daily sunshine! =)


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