Sunday, October 18, 2009

Movie Party!

This past weekend our little guy celebrated his 6th birthday party.
We decided on a movie party with a few of his friends.
What could be easier???
For the cake, my birthday boy requested army.
Hmmm.... after much deliberation I decided on cupcakes.

I started by making some camo icing...

...then added a few sprinkles and an army dude.
Quick, super easy, army cupcakes!

I love this next picture. After he blew out his candles I asked him to smile for me. But he was laughing so hard about his friends teasing him for having "two girlfriends" because he had left two candles lit he couldn't compose himself enough to look at the camera.

I can still hear his full-belly-gonna-pee-my-pants-if-I-don't-stop-laughing-now! laugh.

After we finished our dinner and cake it was time to get ready for the movie.
Here's our little concession stand...

See those cute old fashioned popcorn containers?
I found those at the dollar store!
So the kids just loaded them up with popcorn and treats for the movie.
AND when the movie was over they doubled as the goodie bags for the kids to take home.

And finally, here are just a couple pictures from their movie time. I made the mistake of giving them glowsticks about a 1/2 hour into the movie.....
ya, they took one look at them and yelled all at once:

Six year old boys.... I should have expected it :)

Happy Birthday my little man!
We had so much fun celebrating with you!


  1. what a fun birthday! love the movie idea.

    what was the movie of choice?

  2. What a fantastic idea - I'm sure the boys loved the concession stand! And those cupcakes look delish!

  3. Oh Sara, what amazing cupcakes & the concession stand is SO COOL! (I also found those containers at the dollar store & got some for family night when the kids are bigger!) Very creative & what love you put into his b-day party!

  4. I'm thinking of making some army themed did you make the camo icing its soo creative? :)

  5. Oh, Cassandra it is SOOOOOO easy!

    I just made a batch of chocolate icing and a batch of butter cream(white).
    And then made up three bowls for the different colors of camo.

    Brown- I just used chocolate icing
    Green- I just added a few drops of green food coloring to some of the buttercream.
    Khaki- I mixed a tiny bit of chocolate icing, with some of the buttercream and added just a few drops of yellow, just play around until you get the color you like.

    Then I took a pipping bag (you can also just use a ziplock bag) and spooned in all three colors- try to get them all in where each color is "beside" the other and not layered on top of each other. Then have fun watching the colors all mix together and come out looking camo!
    I think I used wiltons piping tip 2D to get the big swirl.

    Hope that helps!

  6. What a fantastic idea - I'm sure the boys loved the concession stand! And those cupcakes look delish!


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