Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. My baby slept in her own room for the first time last night. Truth be told we could have moved her a lot sooner since she's been sleeping through the night for quite some time now...but she's my last baby...{waaaaaaa :( she's growing too fast!} and I wanted to keep her in our room for as long as I could. She did sleep 12 hours last night. So I'm a happy mama.

2. I think part of the reason she is sleeping so well is that she takes a soother AND sucks her fingers. Best of both worlds baby!

3. And while we're speaking of little miss she is starting to giggle. Melt my heart.
Chris caught her first laugh last night. She shared some with me a little while later too :)

4. I've always hated exercise. Whenever I've tried to get into a routine of some kind I last maybe a couple weeks and then I slowly decline from there. Life gets in the way and if I miss a day then it turns into 2 and then 3 and then before I know it I'm sitting on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream watching t.v all night.
Shortly after having our little one I determined that I wasn't going to hang onto these baby pounds forever. So Chris and I decided to tackle the 30 day Shred.

OH.MY.WORD. I thought I was going to die those first few days. But, but BUT I didn't. Yay for me. I pushed through and just finished day 28 today {almost there!!!} I can hardly believe it! I'm down 8lbs and have lost quite a few inches (yippee!) still don't have a six pack, but it's a marathon friends, not a sprint.
So, what's my secret for sticking with it? These guys: Kristen, Denise, Janelle & Alana. Bloggy friends. All these ladies started shredding at the same time as us. Isn't God cool? I am so in awe of how He brought us together from all over to be encouragements to one another. Yay! Kristen started up a facebook accountability group for us and we all log on each day to report our progress and cheer each other on. Seriously love these girls. They have become one of the best parts of my day! I would have totally quit on day 2 if it wasn't for them!!! And you know what I'm discovering?! I'm actually learning to like (almost love) exercise. Oh how I love to hate Jillian :) Next up her new video Ripped....

5. Extreme Couponing may be my new favorite show. Have you seen it? It's insane. Man, these people have talent!

6. This song has been on repeat in my brain BUT this version is EVEN BETTER! aww!

7. I'm helping to host a bridal shower in a couple weeks for the sweetest girl EVER and have been looking at ideas on the web... does anyone have any cool suggestions on what to make/do?

8. My almost THREE year old's birthday is coming up. She has decided that she wants a purple party. Purple balloons, purple party dress, purple cake. Purple. Purple. Purple. Anyone have any fun purple ideas?? :)

9. It looks like it's going to rain. I love when the sky turns dark and the clouds roll in. I am ready for a good rainstorm. If it's snow I just might cry.

10. Remember this post? No, friends I haven't forgotten about you all. My goal is to do it sometime this week... but that means I'll have to clean the house...hmm...don't hold your breath ;)


  1. Oh my goodness! That first photo is so PRECIOUS! Found your blog from Stacey's.


  2. Wow! I'm impressed on so many levels here...E sleeping 12 hours! Wow! Amazing! Is shred a video? If so, when you & Chris move to ripped, may we borrow it? As for ideas for purple; we've been decorating parties with tissue paper flowers. They're awesome! Here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXNeVq2RxFU.

  3. Truly PRECIOUS! You sound like one HAPPY mama. I can definitely relate to your feelings about moving your baby into her own room. As a mother, I think one of the hardest things to do is to let go. My youngest was also a super sleeper at that age; but somehow I just found it hard to move her out of our room that young -- but you did it! God Bless you and your beautiful babies.

  4. i was thinking about you and the shred this a.m., great job!

    elliot looks so big in the photo, and so pretty.
    12 hours a night is AWESOME.

    i've been wondering where the video was...get cleaning, i'm waiting!

  5. I've been on your blog so many times to leave you a comment and give you a cyber ((hug)). Thank you for the link to the online education. What a great tool, I soo appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I just cannot believe your beautiful babe is in her own room, sighhhh it just goes so fast. And girl, I'm so proud of you for doing shred. I own it, but it sits lonely on my coffee table ;) What motivation you have!!

    I cannot wait for your Q & A reveal...you have so much insight and revelation to share. Why oh why are we separated by thousands of miles??!

    I also had a few moments of sadness after John's umm procedure ;) But the Lord has filled me with peace and I know the contentment comes from Him alone. He has given you so much and I truly see your thankfulness and delight radiating. You're such a witness of Him.

  6. I want to gobble up your baby.

    A purple party sounds precious!

    So happy for you and the shred!!!!

  7. oh how i love baby elliot. i want to snuggle her up. i don't like that canada and idaho are so far away.

    does she suck her two middle fingers? mauryn sucks those two fingers and i always tell her when she sucks them she is telling me she loves me since it makes i love you in sign language :o)

    loved the song you posted... cute!

    yeah for the shred. i love that you joined in... what a journey!

    did you ever find the purpleicious book?? it would be perfect for the purple party.

    miss you friend!


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